Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 13m

perfectly shaped for your pfp ❤️
minting now for .0069E

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 29m

win prizes along the way
like legit prizes
like some DeadFellaz
or 1ETH
not too bad right?

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 31m

total supply - 12345

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 47m

our ERC721A contract is SUPER optimized
that means gas is cheap, unlike the gas you put
in your car 🚗 🚘 🚙

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 1h

utility? it's literally made for your pfp. that's it.
come on - you aren't here for utility
you're a degen, and hexi is 🚀 🌙

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 1h

roadmap? upon mint completion, the entire hexi holder community will vote on the future of hexi: discord? alpha groups? incubator space for new projects? moon? sun? beyond?

we'll build together, because we are better together

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 1h

did you see our guest artists list 👉👉👉
each artist contributed a few 1/1s to our hexi
collection. as the cool kids say: LOOKS RARE.

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 2h

also - in case you forgot, if you mint any of these three hexis, you win 1 ETH

hexi hexi hexi!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 69d

there's nothing else down here
it's not your typical website with a footer
no footer, just hexi
wanna know who built the site though?
@jamesrichardfry did

Guest Artists

ILHAM (psychedelic artist)


R Hedges


Freddie (they/them)






Jessica Kishner Morgan


Aly Ash


Autumn Leaves




Founder & Artist

James Richard Fry


Best Friends

Buildship Devs

smart contract wizards

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