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.0069E each - building a community driven project

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 3s

introducing @ilham_nft, contributor of 3 unique 1/1 pieces in the hexi collection!! ilham's style can be called psychedelic, and we're big big big fans

be sure to tell us if you mint one of these!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 6m

when we met @ashinyrattata, we fell in love with their artwork and style!

check out their 3 1/1s in our collection
no spoilers though - you gotta wait until we mint!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 18m

if you don't know @freddiefella yet, you should. go follow them and check out all of their art!

if you're lucky enough to snag one of their 3 1/1s in our collection, let us know!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 27m

we're in love with @yegizart's incredible work, and we think you will be too.

there's only 1 of their 1/1s in our collection, and it's SO GOOD

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 39m

when we say that @momobrickdesign is one of the best damn designers around, we mean it.

3 of her incredible 1/1s are hidden in our collection

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 57m

our friend @jessicaakmorgan is an incredible artist and wonderful human. just wait until you see the 1/1s she designed for us!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 57m

we are IN LOVE with @AshcroftAly's artwork, and we know you are going to love it too.

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 57m

just WAIT until you see @juujuumama's incredible work, and if you know her, you know cyrstals are involved!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 57m

last but not least, the witchiest of them all - @1autumn_leaf is amazing and 3 of her pieces are scattered through the mint

be careful though - one of them could be cursed
jk jk jk they're safe everyone- sheesh

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 69d

there's nothing else down here
it's not your typical website with a footer
no footer, just hexi
wanna know who built the site though?
@jamesrichardfry did

Guest Artists

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R Hedges


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Jessica Kishner Morgan


Aly Ash


Autumn Leaves




Founder & Artist

James Richard Fry


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