Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 4s

we have so many prizes for you hexi minters
buckle up - it's going to get crazy!

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 19s

6,500 mint milestone:
Anonymice Giveaway

7,000 mint milestone:
Anonymice Giveaway

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 7m

milestone prizes will be randomly drawn using a random number generator

for example, when we hit 7,000 hexi minted, we'll pick a random number 1-7,000.

the holder of that # hexi will win the prize* ONLY IF that Hexi is not listed for sale

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 8m

*one milestone prize per person - if you are selected twice, we will redraw

*prize must be claimed through verification of wallet ownership within 24hrs of the drawing - if the prize is not claimed, we will redraw

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 57m

also - in case you forgot, if you mint any of these three hexis, you win 1 ETH

hexi hexi hexi!

Guest Artists

ILHAM (psychedelic artist)


R Hedges


Freddie (they/them)






Jessica Kishner Morgan


Aly Ash


Autumn Leaves




Founder & Artist

James Richard Fry


Best Friends

Buildship Devs

smart contract wizards

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