Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 4s

everyone is so obsessed with roadmaps, but does anyone really know where they are going?

(we should actually tweet this someday)

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 4m

the hexi roadmap is evolving

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 12m

the first thing we are tackling as a community is education in web3. our aim is to create resources for the greater community to help others find their way in their own web3 journey

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 14m

roadmap? upon mint completion, the entire hexi holder community will vote on the future of hexi: discord? alpha groups? incubator space for new projects? moon? sun? beyond?

we'll build together, because we are better together

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 15m

7ETH of mint proceeds will be designated to a community wallet for potential further development of hexi

if we just stick to vibing, those proceeds will be donated to a community selected non-profit.

Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 38m

come on, we've been through this.
hexi is a pfp utility project

beyond that, your hexi grants you access to the holders only discord - where all the building magic happens together


Hexi NFT @HexiNFT - 69d

you've reached the end of the road(map)

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